I’m participating in a Mindful Writing Challenge to write one “small stone” every day in January. The challenge is to “1. Notice something properly every day during January. 2. Write it down.”

I’m writing them daily in a little notebook and I will post each Sunday-Saturday’s stones here on Sundays. Of course, I’d love to read a small stone from you in the comments.


January 1

The colors of Canada Geese – the deep black, creamy browns, glowing white. The way these colors form patterns and contours. The necks – long, curving, strong. I want to stand among them.

January 2

Three frogs live inside our library. The sign says their species is tongueless. I watch one floating, eyes above the water. She has three claws on each rear foot. Her belly looks pale and soft.

January 3

In a backyard a few houses down, there are white, twinkling Christmas lights. The breeze makes them flutter and sparkle. Every  year, I look at them from up here – our third floor kitchen window. Such a pretty sight in the darkness. Thank you.

January 4

Sounds: A dog barking somewhere outside. An engine rumbling and growling – maybe a motorcycle? The -crunch crunch- of a cat eating dry food, one piece at a time.

January 5

Directed by a child to examine the underside of a slab of iced pulled from a puddle. I am amazed by its architecture.