What is the work I should be doing in the world? And is it enough? Am I doing what I should to live an ethical life?


These are big questions for me.

I’ve long wondered what my work to do in life might be. I’ve dabbled in this and that. I’ve done work that is clearly not what I should be doing. I’ve also done work that has contributed positively to the world.

But what can I do that will be enough – enough that I am not falling short of what my ethics and heart require?

Perhaps especially at this time in the world’s history, there is much that needs to be done. There are endless needs in the human community and even more endless needs in the larger life community of the earth.

It is hard for me to accept, but it is that case that even if I am doing wonderful, beautiful, important, nurturing work – meanwhile, species are being driven to extinction by human violence. Meanwhile, forests are being killed.


The work I have begun this year with children feels important and needed and good. But while I do it, I am not doing other work. I am not saving the water from being poisoned by fracking. I am not slowing the destruction of bee communities. I am not preventing other children from starving.

So, have I chosen the right work? Can my work be right when it doesn’t address the peril that so many other parts of the earth’s community are in peril? Is there work that could be truly best given the massive, urgent needs of the world?

If not, what does this mean? Does this mean what I am doing is enough? Is it OK (ethical, loving, acceptable) to focus on this one thing and be satisfied, even while my heart mourns all that I cannot do?

These are some of the big questions in my life.

I do not expect to hear the answer or expect that your answer will also be mine, but I do love to hear thoughtful discussion of these questions.