Just because…here’s something that has nothing to do with trees, which I wrote last summer. I sat down with some people and found myself suddenly challenged to write the story of a quartz crystal that was sitting on the table in front of us. Led by Leslie, everyone in the group quietly wrote their own piece. This was mine.


I grew in the earth – the hardest part of the earth. But I am also hard and strong. I am what makes the earth solid. So, to you on top of the earth, I call my birthplace hard. To me, it is what I am.

I grew quietly and slowly. I grew microscopically. I am billions and trillions of smaller, tiny, visible, and invisible crystals. I am we! We are all crystals and crystal.

In my current form, I reach upward and sink down. I’m a bird rising up and a root stretching down deep.

My colors are also deep and heavy, high and light. In me, you can see the feeling of the center and the edge. The secret and the shared.

My edges – our edges – are where your eye sees the beginning and end of me. Inside, though – inside are edges you don’t see except, perhaps, in a glint of light or a moving shadow.

I grew in the earth – the hardest part. I grew in secret and now the secret grows in me. I share just a little with you at a time.